Exclusive Brands

Exclusive Brands are some of the different projects Jane Holloway has developed whilst working with her POD manufacturing partner, Redbubble.



OZCUSHIONS: Over 500 plain colours on over 50 products ranging from cushions to clothing. Ozcushions sells across the globe due to the sheer size of colours on offer. Private customers and companies have purchased in bulk as well as single purchases. Jane has made her cushions the cheapest on Redbubble so that customers can have greater purchasing power and affordability than other artists selling plain colours on Redbubble. Ozcushion's "2016 Pantone Colour of the Year" colours and patterns have gone viral in South Korea on one of its biggest websites as well as being pinned thousands of times across the social media site Pinterest. "2017 Pantone Colour of the Year" will continue building Ozcushions brand as the go to place to purchase products as Jane has over 50 products for sale within hours of the "Colour of the Year" being announced.


OZCUSHIONSTOO: Over 300 interesting and fun patterns available on over 50 products. Jane's designs on OZCUSHIONSTOO create vibrancy for the home or clothing, making these products chic and unique. Once again Jane has made her cushions incredibly affordable for those who wish to buy in bulk or for the single purchase.


PATTERNATION: A new venture for Jane Holloway brings together highly detailed Unique Patterns sold Exclusively through Redbubble. These patterns have been created with hours of work put into, what at first seem a simple pattern, but when placed on cushions and clothing are some of the most vibrant designs created to date. Patternation has been making sales from it's inception and continues to grow as more people who enjoy the work of Jane Holloway find her new brand.


ISKBIBBLLE: Jane Holloway's fun t-shirt range with references that are both iconic and silly at the same time. Poking fun at people in public life such as Kanye West with her "Do You Like Fishsticks" viral T-shirt or the "Bad Drawer" T-shirts that have been a hit in Scotland and Ireland especially. Iskybibblle Tshirts are worn across the world by discerning Tshirt lovers.


ARTISTREE: Jane Holloway’s foray into using Artificial Intelligence to create a NEW form of digital art. This is on the cutting edge of what digital art can be in the 21st Century. Using code from Google's “Deep Dream” artworks are created by blending seamlessly two different artworks or photographs to create a brand new formation.


PHOTOGRAFF: Photograff is the culmination of a joint production of photography by the artist Jane Holloway and the work of ex-professional photographer Andrew Holloway. The works are delivered slowly and with great care, selecting perhaps 1 image out of a shoot of 200 photographs. This is not just a labour of love but one of excellence as well.